Parade Rules & Regulations

If you are applying to enter the parade, you must follow the parade rules and regulations to be considered. Happy marching!

2022 City of Napa July 4th Parade


Staging begins at 8:00 am

Parade kicks off at 10:00am

President’s Award judging 8:00 to 9:00 am

Winner announced at beginning of parade.

The 2022 Napa 4th of July Parade “City of Napa’s 175th Birthday” is a family friendly event, showcasing our patriotic spirit. As part of the entry application, you/the organization must read and sign the following rules and regulations, developed for a safe and entertaining parade:


All fees must be paid at time of application. Payment may be made online (see payment button). If application is mailed, include check and mail to:

Rotary Club of Napa Sunrise
P.O. Box 5324
Napa, CA 94581



School/Sports Teams/Clubs

No charge

First Responders/Active Military/Veterans

No charge

Non-Profit Community Organization (include 501c3 FEIN)



Government/City, County/Elected Officials






  • ALL parade entries MUST showcase the parade theme or Independence Day
  • The Parade participants must be “family friendly” appropriate to be seen by all ages
  • The Parade may not be used as a platform for any special interests or business advertising
  • Music is encouraged to accompany the entry
  • Staging instructions and parade placement will be emailed two weeks prior to the parade
  • The rules and guidelines are for the safety and quality of the parade. Failure to abide by these rules and will result in removal from the parade.


  • All entries must be able to keep up the pace of the parade, and stay within 50 feet of the entry in front your entry. People on foot must be able to walk at a brisk pace at ALL times in the parade. There will not be a judge’s stand for individual performances.


  • Nothing can be tossed or handed out along the parade route or curbside


  • Identification banners are encouraged for entries in the parade
  • Signs must be for identification purpose only and not as an advertisement or political statement


  • Musical units are requested to perform the one-mile parade route
  • Unit members are required to be in uniform attire


  • Floats cannot exceed 50 feet in length (including tow vehicle), 13 feet in height and 10 feet wide
  • Float entries must follow the “Parade Float Guidelines” that will be mailed following receipt of the entry application


(Clowns, Color Guards, Drill/Dance/Baton, Scout Groups)

  • Entries requiring vehicles to carry sound systems must notify parade organizers on the application. Carts or vehicles accompanying the entry must be decorated
  • Drill / Dance routines must be choreographed for forward motion. No stopping to perform


  • Vehicles considered for entry must be antique or unique

  • Commercial business vehicles, which must be decorated with only one entry per business

  • Vehicles permitted in the parade will be restricted in numbers, car clubs are limited to 8 cars per club

  • All vehicles must be properly insured and drivers must have proper driver’s license


  • No more than 6 horses per entry.

  • Any animal deemed unsafe in the parade will be removed
  • All animal units must provide their own “clean-up” crew to follow their unit in the parade
  • Equestrian riders should be at least 12 years of age and accompanied by an adult trainer
  • All equestrian entries MUST have trainers walking with every two horses
  • Please be aware that during warm weather, pavement may be hot for animals, by signing below you agree to take full care for your animals health and safety.


  • Walking participants must be at least six years old or older
  • There must be a least one adult escort for every six children under the age of 13 years
  • Young children riding on a float must have adult supervision on and around them


  • Only a significant act of nature will cancel the parade, of which all units would be notified
  • Entries absent on parade day without proper notification may not receive future invitations
  • Every entry wants to be in the front of the parade! We try hard to balance types of entries and ages/abilities of participants. Remember we are there to have fun – Please do not get upset with parade volunteers or participants. To ensure the best parade placement, volunteer to be on the 2022 Parade Committee.






I understand by signing this release and waiver, that I agree to be bound by the “Rules and Regulations” of the Sunrise Rotary 4th of July Parade and that the judges’ decisions are final. I understand that participation in the Sunrise Rotary 4th of July Parade involves the exposure to inherent risks arising from, but not limited to, the operation of motor vehicles, the existence of traffic, the gathering of crowds, the presence of animals and riding on floats. I hereby acknowledge the existence of these inherent risks arising from my participation in the Sunrise Rotary 4th of July Parade and that these inherent risks cannot be eliminated. I hereby expressly assume all of the risks arising from my participation in the Sunrise Rotary 4th of July Parade. I have read and fully understand the risks and hereby agree not to sue and to waive, discharge, release from liability and hold harmless Napa Sunrise Rotary and all event volunteers, contractors, agents, and/or sponsors of the Sunrise Rotary 4th of July Parade from any and all liability, claims, demands, complaints and/or causes of action of any kind or nature which are connected in any way to and arise from my participation in the Sunrise Rotary 4th of July Parade. I understand that this liability release and waiver is legally binding on me and my legal representatives and I sign it of my own free will. I further agree to conduct all activities in a safe and professional manner. I understand and agree that my entry may be denied for any reason by the organizers of the event without explanation or justification or recourse. I understand and agree to allow any photos of me and any photos of my entry to be used by the event organizers in perpetuity without any form of compensation whatsoever.

**Entries under the age of 18 must be signed by a parent or legal guardian.

**The person signing this application warrants that s/he has carefully read and understands the intent of the “Parade Rules and Regulations” and attention has been given to Marshals and their authority, City Codes, emergency medical teams, and need for liability insurance.

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Online Parade Application

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